The Student Poverty Song with George Woodhouse

by on February 20, 2011

Nova Scotian students pay well above the national average for tuition, and their debt level is the highest in the country. Tell the government that your finances are already on life support.

Visit to take action.

The Student Poverty Song  (George Woodhouse and Nova Scotia Student Friends!)

The Student Poverty Song  as presented by
Directed by Dillon Garland
Produced by Dalhousie Student Union
Executive Producer: Richard Clark
Cinematography by Mitch Bank

Edited by Dillon Garland
Song by IGA
Song recorded at The Music Room by Tyler Myalls

George Woodhouse
Anthony Manuele
Iain MacNeil
The Dawgfather
Dillon Garland
Desmond Wolkins
Paige Northrup
Keagan Nickerson
Hailey Horachek
Emily Watson
Fiona Chetty
Rob LeForte
Laura Dimand
Richard Clark
Hannah Dahn
Cuddles the cute puppy.

A special thank you to those who held up signs showing their student debt and to all the students who volunteered to appear in the Student Poverty Video.


The Alliance of Nova Scotia Student Associations (ANSSA) is the largest post-secondary student lobby group in Nova Scotia, Canada, representing approximately 85% of the province’s university students. It strives towards improved funding for education in Nova Scotia and the elimination of real and perceived financial barriers for university students.

ANSSA’s member organizations are the Dalhousie Student Union, the Acadia Students’ Union, the St. Francis Xavier University Students’ Union, the Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association, and the Cape Breton University Student Union.

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