Kool & The Gang – Emergency !!

by SAVEROCKMusic.com on February 15, 2011

Crank this one WAY up!!…No Seriously, turn this one to 9.5, then
Someone please Call 911
-!! Despite the wardrobe malfuction ( Help… my shirt is on backwards!) Kool and the Gang deliver some Serious EFFIN Funk while busting some Kool moves..as usual. Check out the Kool Horns too, we could use a few of those at our next gig

SAVEROCKMusic.com -Kool & The Gang – Emergency !!
Kool & The Gang are an American jazz, R&B, soul, funk and disco group, originally formed in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1964.

They went through several musical phases during the course of their recording career, starting out with a purist jazz sound, then becoming practitioners of R&B and funk, progressing to a smooth pop-funk ensemble, and in the post-millenium creating music with a modern, electro-pop sound.

They have sold over 70 million albums worldwide, and we are pretty sure that’s a whole lotta FUNK !!

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